• UL is short for Underwrites Laboratories Inc. (Underwrites Laboratories Inc.), and it is one of the private organizations engaged in safety testing and appraisal in the world. In the course of more than 100 years of development, it has formed a set of strict organizational management system, standard development and product certification procedures.


  • Whether the gift is good or bad, it is no longer important to take it out at that time. If you use a bad gift box, it will definitely reduce the level of the gift. So now people have higher and higher requirements for the design of gift boxes, and the production of gift boxes has a higher standard. So, what are the design standards and principles for making gift boxes?   In our traditional culture, different festivals, different gift-giving occasions, different gifts, and gift boxes have different production requirements. For example, the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts are mostly moon cakes, and the Spring Festival gifts are mostly New Year's gifts. When making gift boxes, a scientific and effective market positioning should be made according to different production times, different market needs and the advantages and disadvantages of the company.


  • Packaging is not only an important part of the product, but also an important part of the product. In daily life, there are many packaging materials, such as paper materials, plastic materials, composite materials, bamboo and wood materials, glass containers and metals. Most of the most commonly used packaging methods choose paper packaging, which is not only related to the traditions of the Chinese nation, but the country also promotes green packaging, so paper packaging is deeply loved by people.


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