• When purchasing products, we always consider the quality of the product. There are also many points that we need to check and pay attention to when it comes to the quality of the color box. Today, the printing editor of the district court will take a look at the factors that affect the quality of the color box. One of the factors that may lead to poor quality of the color box may not be well noted.


  • Self-adhesive labels are widely used in industry, electronics, logistics, express delivery and other businesses. Some business products are purchased in batches, so the quantity of goods is huge, and will the long storage time of label adhesive lead to later use?


  • The thickness of the paste label is even, and the strength index is qualified. The printing pressure of the self-adhesive label used in the printing process should be consistent with the thickness of the self-adhesive label. If the thickness is uneven and the printing pressure is uneven, the label printing handwriting or ink color will be light. If the film strength is too poor, it is difficult to control the film tension in the printing process, which will have a great impact on die cutting and waste disposal.


  • Coating a printed paper product with a transparent plastic film is called lamination. The production principle of lamination: First, the adhesive is applied to the film through a roller coating device, and then heated by a hot pressing roller to soften the film. Then, the printed matter coated with the substrate is pressed and pressed together with the film to form a lamination product that combines the two.


  • Inventory of the most complete printing and packaging process knowledge in history -- common processes of packaging materials


  • Despite the influences of COVID-19, KLX printing company keeps high productivity and strict quality controlling, millions of packaging boxes and label stickers are delivered to Australia by our container.


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