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  • Good packaging is another form of promotion People pay more and more attentions to the status and role of packaging in marketing, and companies also use packaging to make their products outstanding. Data shows that most consumers buy more than 45% of the items they plan to buy when they go out because of the attractive packaging and decoration. As the external image of the product, packaging box and label directly affect the consumer's psychology of buying or not.


  • COVID-19 Antigen Test Cassette box and foil packaging solution. KLX printing company produce millions of COVID-19 Antigen Test Cassette boxes and foil bags, heading to Australia.


  • KLX printing company makes a new design of healthcare packaging box, using three main colors: blue, red and white. The material of this box is silver cardboard which makes the box shining. Special printing technology makes the box smooth and impressive. The packaging design of this box would be attractive to customers among other products.


  • Packaging design should take attention to both vision and tactus. Vision may give the first impression of products to customers. Customers can also distinguish products by touch feelings.


  • KLX printing company manufactures all kinds of label stickers, as well as provides latest design for your packaging products. Seal label stickers are commonly used for many products, such as boxes, bottles, bags etc. We make various kinds of quality seal label stickers.


  • How to design your private packaging products for Christmas? First, you might design the outlook of packaging box, including the structure, special icon, color and material. Choosing the structure, pattern, color and material of packaging box should match the positioning of your products. Of course, there should be some Christmas decoration on it.


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