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  • KLX printing company experts in packaging manufacture KLX printing company provides professional packaging design, helping customers have their own unique packaging solution. KLX printing company has almost 30 years experiences in printing, both labels and boxes.


  • Key factors of packaging design During this internet age, packaging design plays an important role in products promotion. Packaging is the ultimate presentation of brand idea, product’s features and consumer preference. So how to design a popular package?


  • Nowadays, cosmetics packaging has various kinds of materials, such as plastic, glass, paper, metal etc. Paper is the most popular material for cosmetics packaging. Due to the rapid development of cosmetics products, the market of cosmetics packaging keeps growing.


  • KLX delivered container to clients overseas Recently, KLX printing company just delivered a container overseas. There’re millions of packaging products shipping to Australia, including various kinds of packaging boxes, label stickers and other packaging products.


  • Innovative packaging design This packaging box is made of laser paper, applying special printing technology. The box is shining and impressive. For this set of products, different colors present different products and functions.


  • KLX printing company makes thousands of packaging boxes for clients in Australia. These packaging boxes are made of silver cardboard with gold color. The surface of these packaging boxes is frosted and shining, which impress consumers both in vision and touching.