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  • Self adhesive is divided into three parts: surface material, glue and substrate. What kind of self-adhesive we usually talk about generally refers to the distinction of surface materials. Commonly used self-adhesive is printed with ordinary coated paper, pet, PVC, PP and other paper or composite materials.


  • Aluminum Blister Foil is a hot stamping material that is directly rolled from metal aluminum into thin sheets. It has soft texture, good ductility, silver-white luster, moisture-proof, air-tight, light-shielding, wear-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless. It is widely used in Food, beverages, cigarettes, medicines, photographic plates, household daily necessities, construction, vehicles and other industries. Below, we will introduce the application industries and fields of Aluminum Blister Foil in detail.


  • In general, when we talk with customers, customers often ask questions about printing. If the customer does not understand printing, it is OK. Anyway, the customer does not understand it.


  • At present, few industries can catch up with the development speed of the cosmetics industry. Almost every woman uses facial mask, eye cream, liquid foundation and so on every day. In the huge market, every business wants a share. How to have a certain competitiveness in the strong market, a strong planning team is essential, but cosmetics packaging box has also become an effective factor to attract customers, What needs to be considered in the design of cosmetic packaging boxes has become a headache for many manufacturers and designers. Next, Xiaobian will solve your problems:


  • Color difference in printing, also known as color deviation, is one of the typical disadvantages in the whole process of printing and packaging. In the process of processing, it often produces the situation that the color of the printed matter does not match the color of the proofing sheet, or the mixed color fault after the overprint of the pattern design interface, which may endanger the product quality at least, and seriously scrap the whole batch of products, just like when we buy things on the Internet, Merchants will always note "there may be color deviation, please take the color of the real object as the standard" in the product picture.


  • KLX printing company has delivered another container to Australia last week. There are bunches of industrial products shipping to Australia, such as label stickers, packaging boxes, bottles, etc.