Zhibang international formally joined the club, for the printing and equipment industry intelligent transformation empowered

Autumn fruits of September fragrance, zhibang international renews the good news.After strict material review and management ability assessment procedures, Zhibang international formally joined the "China Printing and equipment Equipment Industry Association".
Corporate history is all about progress.This successful membership marks a new journey of 17 years of cooperation between Zhibang international and printing equipment industry.The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in enterprise informatization, intelligence and integrated management based on their respective advantages, and jointly promote the innovation and coordinated development of printing industry management.To provide one-stop solutions and one-to-one exclusive services for enterprises' intelligent transformation, and to build a cross-enterprise, cross-industry and cross-industry ecosystem and competitiveness.
At present, the impact of the epidemic, reduced orders, rising costs, intensified competition, personalized printing, environmental pressure...Under the influence of various uncertain factors, the printing industry is undergoing profound changes and the reshuffle of the industry is accelerating.Information-based management can improve efficiency, enhance quality and reduce cost, quickly respond to mass production demand, intelligent management can automatically connect the inside and outside, flexible response to customer individual needs.The level of enterprise information and intelligent management has become the key factor to determine competitiveness.
Zhibang international enterprise management software, providing information, intelligence, integration of the "trinity" rich product system and solutions.Through to the client, project, design, sales, purchasing, warehouse, production, logistics, service and so on each link to reshape and digital connection, connectivity to the industry chain, the supply chain through setting, open personality and docking, intelligent algorithm and continuous upgrading and a series of strategies, build enterprise brain wisdom, steady progress of intelligent manufacturing.
Industry chain "one click is the", real-time docking more efficient
The premise of intelligence is informationization.Printing industry from customers, orders, raw materials, design, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, after-sales, etc., is a long, scattered, complex industrial chain.With the improvement of customers' demand for personalized, high-tech and high-quality products and services, the information management and automatic connection of all links are very important.Only by breaking the information island and data chimney, can the overall improvement of enterprise efficiency, quality and service be realized.
Zhibang international enterprise management software, provides ERP, CRM, project, supply chain, group, industry 6 series of more than 20 sets of products, to meet the management needs of different businesses, different sizes, different stages.Upstream raw material suppliers, midstream producers and manufacturers, and downstream precise customers are all managed in one system, with data opening and real-time sharing.Like an efficient robot butler with "clairance-eye" and "wind-accompanying ear", it helps enterprises to fully integrate and coordinate online and offline planning, supply and demand and production capacity, and build sustainable competitiveness with real-time industrial chain.
For example, one key batch import process, you can realize the visualization of each process.Through real-time collection, sharing and collaboration of multi-terminal data such as computers, mobile phones, tablets and Pdas, it is possible to know exactly what each factory, workshop, machine and even each worker is doing, which product is produced which process, progress and quality.Moreover, the process automatically flows and links with the business with one key, which means that customers in different regions and links are connected with the production capacity in real time...The efficiency and competitiveness brought by this contactless collaboration between online and offline are far beyond the traditional management mode.